Thursday, February 16, 2012

5:30am wake up call..... Haylee

Yesterday Joe and I decided to set my shot times for 5:30am & 5:30pm. 

Day 1- 5:30 came so early!  I was up most of the night having crazy dreams about the whole situation, I am sure you can only imagine.  So, I was a very sleepy patient.  Joe mixed up the Menopur and we were off!  Here is a pic of Nurse Joe mixing and my belly.

Initially just some stinging and a little bleeding after the Menopur injection.  I can handle that!  By early afternoon I had a throbbing headache and the area around my left ovary was hurting something fierce.  Late afternoon my belly is already swelling & ovary area was hurting worse. 

I came home from work @ 5:30pm for my Follistim shot, nurse Joe loaded it up and we were off (this is the easy one, no mixing or measuring, just load in a pen and shoot).  Stinging for sure.  But nothing more than that.  Once back at work I began to have major hot flashes....  now, those of you who know me even a little bit know I am ALWAYS cold.  Yep, not so much.  The hot flashes are still on and off.

I had no side effects that I know of from taking the Dexamethosone before bedtime.

Day 2-  5:30 really came early - why the hell did we pick this time again?!!  haha
Nurse Joe and I ran into a couple issues mixing the Menopur, but it all worked out.  Headache came back within an hour of the shot.  My belly is puffy and my left ovary area still hurts pretty badly.  Here are couple pics of my puffy "belluh". 

Today I went to Carol LeCroy, L.Ac., CMT  She was awesome.  My "belluh" swelling & headache are much better.  Still pains from the meds around my left ovary, but I feel good.  I will go see her 2 more times next week before retrieval.  Her information has been added to the side table of the blog.  Based off some of the things she did today she believes my body will be very responsive to IVF.  She also sent me home with some "seeds" in my ears to massage before bed for sleep (since I really haven't been getting any) and fertility!

I have to say between the labs, meds & now acupuncture I have never seen this many needles in my LIFE!

I just keep reminding myself of the bigger picture and how all these needles coupled with the other things will be so worth it in the future.


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Olivia Stipe Manke said...

Go Nurse Joe! The things you never think you'll have to do when you're married, LOL.

Drinking water might help with those side effects.

I'm interested to see how things go in combination with accupuncture. It wasn't something I had ever thought of doing.