Saturday, February 18, 2012

Acupuncture, ultrasound & lab updates! Haylee

Friday morning when I woke up the "belluh" swelling I had was GONE!  Still some throbbing on the left side & headache exactly one hour after Menopur injection, but seriously, no swelling!  Not to mention I ended up sleeping just a little better and trust me, every little bit helps right now.  I am sold on acupuncture.  I will go back 2 more times next week before our estimated retrieval date of 2/26. 

We went to CCRM early this morning for my first ultrasound since starting the stim meds & lab work.  I currently have 10 follicles measuring between 8 & 10.  This is a very good start!  All of them seem to also be growing at the same rate (no dominant follicles- which could get in the way of the maturity of the others).  The nurse we saw said that is exactly where we should be.  Great news. 

They decided to up my Menopur to 2 viles each morning (up from the 1 vile I have been taking) & they upped the Follistim to 300 units instead of 75 units.  Whoh.  Hold on to your pants!  haha 
I had a small panic attack when I thought we didn't have enough Follistim.  Luckily we have just enough to get me through tonight and tomorrow night.  We are however short Menopur, thank God Molly has a couple extra she can give us.  Deep breaths.  I go back to CCRM Monday morning for another ultrasound and lab.  It is my hope I will be done with shots after this appointment, but time will tell. 

Though my belly is not swelling, it is painful (still left side only).  If you look closely my belly also looks much like a pin cushion from all the shots.  Don't get me wrong, I am totally not complaining.  I am just ready for the shots to be over with. 

Today, so far has been a great day- all with my handsome and awesome husband.  He makes these early morning shot cocktails much better.  I don't know how he can always wake me up with a smile on his face.  He was so supportive @ CCRM this morning.  From there we went to a delish breakfast then onto the dog show to see Molly & Penny & check out some of the other doggies.  Then on to the "Smoker" @ Joe's Muay Thai studio: Muay Thai of Colorado.  Happy hour, early dinner and relax the rest of the night.  Yum.