Thursday, January 26, 2012

That's What Friends Are For.... Haylee

Hello!  Just a check in and share. 

Right now I am honestly really scared about what the next few weeks brings for us.  However, I am not scared of Mexico, embracing it and looking forward to some much needed down time with my husband.  This trip is exactly what we need.  I know we will have a ton of fun and I know there will be many talks about where we are at in our journey and how we will proceed.

My share is what happened the other day at work. 

I was doing a review at 4pm for one of my teachers (one hour classes) and Molly was teaching the 4:30 class (you will soon see, thank God for this offset in time and we were in the same place at the same time).  When I got done with the review I came out to 2 post it notes saying, "Freedom Pharmacy called and they need something by 5pm in order to deliver my meds, here is the number, please call them and find out.  If it is important pull me out of class". 

My heart started beating so hard.  I cannot begin to tell you the amount of adrenaline that was pumping.  I know how important these meds are.  I know if you don't get them when you are supposed to it could change everything you have been planning and changing your life for.  So I quickly called.  To make what seemed like a lifetime conversation short, the lady told me she couldn't tell me anything about what the call to Molly was about.  I switched into bitch gear.  I told her I didn't really care "what" it was about but if it was important enough to pull Molly out of class (this would mean me stepping in for her and teaching) I would need to do this (I am pretty sure I may have actually said "I don't give a shit what it is about, is it important"-  hee hee).  Luckily, the lady got my drift, she put me on hold and came back saying, "yes this is important, pull her out".  I stepped into Molly's class and gave her the phone, asked her where she was and took it from there.  My heart was still racing, not because I was thrown into this class, but for my dear friend.  Thankfully, everything turned out fine, but what a scare.

Situations like this continue to remind me how blessed I am to have met Molly when I did.  How blessed I am for my incredible friends, family and YOU, our readers.

There is never a day that we are not grateful.  Please continue to pass our blog along to whomever you see fit.  Whatever support we can extend to others is so worth us sharing every last detail of our journey.

Much love. 


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