Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All Systems Go! - Molly

5, 4, 3, 2,1.....we have lift off folks!

Met with my nurses today for an ultrasound and some blood work. Currently, my follicles are suppressed and my lining in thin. Yes, that's a good thing.

The estrogen and progesterone levels in my blood are low. Another plus!

The drugs have been ordered. Thank heavens for insurance!

Shots begin Friday morning at 7:30am. 

After Friday, the doctors told me I have to lay off the workouts. I can still teach, but even that will be limited to only my beginner yoga classes and that might not even get to happen. I have already given up on my hot yoga since before the holiday season. I know they are small sacrifices, but they are all I have some days!

Their biggest fear, and now mine, is that as I stimulate my ovaries they will begin to swell. Swelling means they are producing more follicles, more eggs etc. But swelling also means that what is supposed to be the size of a walnut, will now grow to the size of a lemon or larger. YIKES!

Severe movement or increased heart rate could cause the ovaries to flip over themselves, therefore killing them. This would land me in the hospital and my ovary(ies) in the morgue. Therefore, ending the cycle and possibly any chance of having my own baby.

No bueno my friends.

So it looks like my sweet Penny will be getting lots of nice long walks for the next few weeks. I am sad because I love teaching my spin classes. I love the ladies I see every week. I also love the workout. It keeps me busy, sane and fit! No nachos for me!

But a few weeks is a small price to pay for what could be a fantastic end result. So I have to embrace the fact that I will probably be another pants size larger for a few weeks and just grin and bear it.

I will be back though. And when I come back, my spin ladies better watch out! I will be on a vengeance!


Alecia said...

My ovaries are still huge from 4 years ago--hyperstimulation!

Devon T. said...

Good luck, sweetie. Thinking of you all the time and wishing you and hubby the best. Even if you go up a pant size in the next few weeks, you'll still look hot in your Lululemons - - - That's the magic of the LL's!