Monday, January 16, 2012

New nurse.... Haylee

That's right, we have a new nurse....  We actually know her briefly.  On our second IUI she helped us carry our warriors (SPERM) down the hall.  Yep.  I said carry the warriors down the hall. 

I don't know how other places do it, but at ours, every time after signing off on all the forms (which might I add, is very important- you really are aiming to have the potential kid or kids come out being yours and not someone elses- just sayin) they place a vile of warriors in this zipper bag that looks like something you would get from a cosmetic counter promotional for buying their product.  I have been baffled and we have laughed each time we have done it (come on just put yourself there, walking down a hall with a nurse who isn't doing your IUI, you are holding the warriors in the freebie zipper cosmetic bag- do you feel me now?). 

Then the nurse not doing your IUI asks you for the zipper freebie - you hand it to her, she unzips it and places the vile of warriors in the vile holder.  Again, I am no medical lady, I am sure there is better name for this warrior vile holder (and it doesn't include warriors).  Anyway-  she puts it there and then you get undressed and wait for the IUI nurse to come in.

Here is what I have to say reflecting...  why the F can't I just not get the freebie zipper bag and carry the warriors down the hall in their vile?  (PS- They even tell you how to carry that weird freebie zipper bag.  Upright- do not tilt...and you don't get to keep it).  Um, ok, why the F am I carrying this?  Isn't there someone way more qualified to carry our sweet package of warriors down the hall??  Oh, like the nurse that walks us down the hall?    Again, I digress, I have never asked and we just went through it giggling quite a bit.

This nurse who walked us down the hall for the second time is now our IVF nurse (who would have ever known we would have to get to know her as we do now).  That means no more contacting Lisa on day 1, or any day for that matter of fact.  I know Lindsey is great (duh, she is an IVF specific nurse), but now I feel like I have to get to know someone else.  Lisa knows all my crap.  Does Lindsey?  Well, realistically, they have talked about my level of specifics.. but still, I have to get to know Lindsey and I both like it and loathe it. 

I am not going to lie-  I am scared shitless.  I really am.  But we can do this.  We are in the best hands in the U.S with Dr. M and her crew.  Joe & I are in the best hands together supporting and loving each other each step of the crazy way.

Lindsey sent my IVF work up list yesterday.  It isn't intense, just very specific.  For me, only 3 work ups have to be redone to see if anything has changed.  That is not to say they are friendly or easy (one hurts like hell), but only 3.  That is a relief to me.

Who knows... maybe I am pregnant now????


Olivia Stipe Manke said...

I've been there and it is absolutely scary as hell! But after 6 months of Clomid, 4 IUIs, and one canceled IVF cycle, I got pregnant on my first completed IVF cycle using the only 3 embryos we got. That little embryo is now 5 years old and his little brother, also an IVF miracle, is 2.

So hang in there!

STILL not pregnant said...

Olivia, thank you so much for your post. It't the little things like this that keep me (and Molly, heck & our husbands) positive and totally jazzed! I hope to someday speak of my little embryo's as you do. Much love from Denver! H

SashaV said...

I will keep inviting you snowboarding and wishing that you can't come :)

STILL not pregnant said...

I heart you Sasha!