Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MRI Results - Molly

On Saturday I finally had my MRI. There was a lot of red tape in trying to get it authorized. No one wanted to sign the authorization form for the insurance and poor Morgan (who works at Sally Jobe) was struggling to help me keep my appointment and move forward in the IVF process. Each doctor was pointing the finger at the other causing a huge debacle. At the last moment (really, the last hour before I would have to cancel appointment and possibly my IVF cycle) the authorization came through.  We landed at 11am on Sat from Hawaii and I went straight home, showered and went to my MRI. I was exhausted. So I slept while I was in the tube. It was quite an experience. Laying on my belly, I placed each boob in a compartment, stretched my arms over my head like Superman and rested my head on a cushion. The IV was the most uncomfortable part. It was a larger needle than I am used to. Still have a bruise.

Most importantly, the results are CLEAN AND CLEAR! 
The IVF cycle continues!


Alecia said...


Dan and Katie said...

YAY!! Maybe it was a good thing you were so exhausted having to be so uncomfortable!

Melissa said...

Oh Molly, good luck!! We had a hard time at first too, 2 miscarriages. But once you can get pregnant and stay pregnant, when you want to try again, your body remembers what it is supposed to do, and makes it a bit easier for you to get/stay pregnant again.
You are in my prayers! Good Luck!