Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I might be a little bit crazy - Molly

Yesterday I did something a little crazy. It was premature and risky. I was even sweating a bit when I finally told my husband.

I bought stuff for my baby's (future, I hope) nursery!

Can you hear the scary music playing! I can!!!

I am a total nut job! And I probably just completely jinxed myself.

Let me explain.....

Some girlfriends had mentioned that Pottery Barn Kids had a Eric Carle's Hungry Caterpillar Nursery Theme sometime last year. I disregarded it because, well, I was not pregnant. But then my friend Caisa reminded me again of it and said that, "some of it has gone on sale!" 

SALE? My ears perked up! We hung up and I grabbed my laptop. Then I called my mom.

It was true! And the stuff was so cute! Since my mom had made me my bedding when we were pregnant with our first baby, all I needed was some crib sheets to complete the ensemble. But then there was a very cute nightlight - I HAD TO HAVE IT! 
bumpers and quilt - made by my mom

night light - I got the caterpillar one!
sheets are made from this fabric

It was all just too cute. So I bought them. 
Then I called Haylee to confess.

After all that, I actually started to panic. I called my mom again and I said, "What if I get twins? What will we do? We will need another quilt!" (ps - the fabric is REALLY hard to find!)

My mom talked me off the ledge and said, "We will cross that bridge when we need to."

I am a total nut job! 


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! Miss Molly, I got what you need! Bas's whole room is Hungry Cat... You cook the babies and I'll ship the stuff:)

Amanda said...

You need more than one set for one baby anyway. So buy two. If u get twins you will buy two plain ones as back ups that match the colors.

Kristina said...

Love you Molly! I did that when I was trying to get pregnant with Caitlin :) You aren't crazy. I bought some "big brother 20__..." shirts for Andrew and got sad every time I saw them and wasn't pregnant... and we never got to use them because it took so long and the years were off. Now I love to look at them to remind myself how grateful I am for my sweet little girl. When you have your baby(ies) these sheets can be your reminder every day of how blessed you are. So excited for this next adventure for you and will keep you guys in my prayers.