Friday, January 13, 2012

Life is a Battlefield...- Molly

I love this quote. It came across my Pinterest and I knew I had to pin it. I helps me remember that 1) I am not special and 2) that I need to be grateful for my own battles. 

So I have been in Hawaii for the last week. I know, I know. You probably have no sympathy for me knowing that I have been basking in the island sun, listening to the ocean pound the sand and watching the whales swim by. I would have no sympathy for me either. 

But I had an interesting day yesterday. 

While laying in the sun with some of the wives of my husband's co-workers, we started chatting. Like most women do, we talked about everything from MacBooks to IVF. While chatting, the waitress was hovering a bit more than usual, but we didn't really notice at the time. While we were closing up our tabs, the waitress finally got the courage to admit that she was listening in on our conversation. Turns out, she is struggling with infertility.  Her and her husband have not had success in conceiving and they have begun the uphill battle in seeking help and treatment. She had so many questions, concerns and emotions and was not getting the relief from her doctor. Turns out there is no real fertility help here on Maui, she has to always fly to Oahu for her appointments. Her doctor claims IVF is the ONLY solution. 

My heart broke for her. No answers and the dollar signs of IVF looming overhead. No local doctor that could really help and the added stress of travel has just dampened her spirits. After some conversation it was  realized that her doctor had no even done a full fertility workup. So we at least gave her a place to start. Questions to ask and answers to demand. 

I wish her good luck on her upcoming journey. 


Teri said...

wow thats amazing & a testament that things happen for a reason. She needed to hear that, you , may have changed her path.

Kate said...

I just stumbled upon your blog this week. It has brought back lots of painful memories of how I felt before I became a mom. Despite having my dream come true, I think infertility leaves you with a lifetime of painful scars.
I kept that quote on my desk during my struggle. Every time I started feeling sorry for myself, which was almost daily, I would look at that quote and remind myself someone out there has it far worse.
I kept another quote on my bathroom mirror. It said, " failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.". I was determined not to let infertility win. I wish the same for you both.