Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I promise - Molly

Just as Rose promised Jack she would she would "never let go".

I had a conversation with my older sister the other day about blogs. She, technically, is not a fan. But she has been really supportive in that Haylee and I are putting it all out there. She did ask me an interesting question and I thought it deserved a blog post.

"Will you share EVERYTHING on your blog?"
Answer is: YES.

I have come too far to stop now. Too many people have reached out with so much love and support that I truly feel that we are all in this together. So, YES. You will know as soon as I know. No secrets. The good, the bad and the ugly will be posted on this blog. No hush hush till the first trimester is over. I hope you, as readers or family or friends, will be there on my journey if I crash and burn. Or, if I (fingers crossed), receive the greatest blessing of all - a baby.

I promise.

I hope you can handle it.

Ultrasound and bloodwork tomorrow. I'll be back!

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rarejule said...

Found your blog through my niece, Sarah. I wish you both ALL THE LUCK and BLESSINGS in the world... may your journies be successful!