Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 1.... Haylee

Well kids, Friday was day 1.  Blah. 

I made my appointments for the 3 tests and blood work that has to be  done & CCRM called in my birth control and antibiotics.
I started my birth control yesterday and I will start my antibiotic next week. 

My new nurse and I will be having a "heart to heart" today about what is going on exactly.  When she left me a voicemail at 6:45pm Friday night she mentioned being on birth control for only 14 days.  This was news to me as Dr. M said it would be about 21 days.  The clarity and support of this process is so important.  If you miss one thing or your timing is off or a form was missed being signed, everything can be canceled right then and there.  I am NOT willing to take this risk.  We have come too far, so to be on the right page and have that clear and concise communication with your nurse is a MUST.

On a really exciting note my wonderful husband surprised me with a quick trip to Mexico!  Holllarrrr!  I am so excited, this will be our first alone vacation in way too long (we used to be that annoying couple that traveled at least 4 times a year for fun and alone time).  Thank goodness I will be on birth control during this time, because that would have been really awful to come home knocked up from drinking too much tequila on the beach!  HA!  Please note, I am being a total smart ass with that last sentence.

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