Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"DINK lives"..... Haylee

We received some really awesome Christmas and New Years cards from you all this year.  For that, thank you.  Maybe next Christmas or New Year Joe and I will get our act together and get ours out on time, I mean out and into the mail at all.  ha!    

While opening the stack of cards there came one particular picture card from Joe's Aunt Wendy.  Out of the envelope fell a folded letter.  Oh boy.  I knew for sure what this was, some annual news letter written in 3rd person about what Billy and Bobby have been doing and how smart and athletic they are (even though last time you saw them they were running with knives).... blah blah blah (sorry kids, no offense to those of you who do it, I just don't get it).  This comment is also not specific to Wendy, she has never sent us the above type news letter. 

So, as I opened the letter I was expecting the above.  Much to my surprise it was a personalize letter to Joe and I that told us her amazing story of struggling with unexplained infertility.  With in reading the first 3 sentences I was in tears.  This letter touched my heart so much more than words can ever explain.  I would like to share this story with all of you.  Her story has reminded me miracles do happen.  She has TWO beautiful daughters as proof!  I think it is also very important to notice the only advice she offers in this letter and how totally solid this advice is.  I hope this letter will warm your heart, give you even more strength, make you cry and laugh out loud!

Thank you Wendy for sharing your story with us all and for all your love, support and prayers. 
Much love!

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