Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 2: The Ball is Rolling - Molly

On Day 2 of shots. So far, so good. Last night I attended a birthday dinner so I toted my meds in a cooler. I then proceeded to "shoot myself up" in the bathroom of the Mexican restaurant. I only got an odd stare from one lady.

In the mornings, I take Menopur, administered with a syringe. In the evening, I take Gonal-F. It comes pre-loaded, almost like an Epi-Pen. I turn the dial to 150 units, put on a new needle top and inject it in myself. I have been switching sides on my belly with each shot. It really doesn't make a difference, but I like the organization of it all. I follow my Gonal-F with a pill of Dexamethasone.

Viola! That's it. I am doing all of my own shots. A lot of friends have said their husbands do it for them, but with Jason's travel schedule (and the fact that he has a tendency to bruise me), I am on my own.

On Monday, I will take my morning Menopur then head to the CCRM for blood and ultrasound. They will let me know if they are going to increase or decrease my doses. I will then go to CCRM every morning until next Sunday for blood draws and ultrasounds. 

No real side effects yet. The shots have a slight burning sensation, but that's all.

Gonal-F shot

Penny is a loyal pup, always by my side

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April said...

I think it is so great that you are sharing so much of yourself and your journey!! I know this blog is going to help so many women! I admire you and your strength. We will be praying for ya!!