Monday, January 30, 2012

Follicles, follicles, follicles - Molly

Went to my first ultrasound since I started my injections. It went really well! They are keeping my doses the same for one more day and then we will review my results again tomorrow. Everyday this week I will have an ultrasound and blood work. They will test my estrogen, progesterone and LH (lutenizing hormone) levels. So far, all is well.
measuring a follicle on my left side

a few follicles on my right
I have a total of 13 or so follicles. About 8 on my left side, with two dominant follicles and 5 on my right with one dominant follicle. They are pleased with my progress. So am I.

Side effects? I have been getting some headaches and tonight I am feeling a bit tight around my middle. Nothing to bad yet though.

Even at 7:30am, it always surprises me how many women, or couples are at the center. It makes me sad thinking so many of us are seeking the same thing and have had so much trouble. But I am so grateful that so many amazing specialists/doctors are only 20 miles down the road. I did meet a lovely couple today. It is their first cycle as well. She is getting ready to retrieve. She was so overwhelmed. And I knew exactly how she felt. I wish her the best. Hopefully it works out, for the both of us.

More tomorrow. Hopefully I can start my Cetrotide (to surpress my pituitary gland and ovulation).

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