Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two steps step back - Molly

Another update on my dense boobie tissue. 

I called my primary because I was still waiting to hear about when my MRI appointment was. When I got a hold of her, I was informed that, once again, there was a problem.

I was counting on my MRI appointment taking place NEXT WEEK BEFORE we leave for Hawaii. I know, I know. Don't hate. We are headed to the Islands for about 10 days.

I wanted to do the appointment BEFORE Hawaii because I am scheduled to start my period and that would allow me to start birth control to prep for IVF.

Here's the problem: MRI's on the boobie tissue MUST happen between days 7-14 of your cycle. Well, I will be in Hawaii, so that either means we WAIT another cycle, or pray (please pray) my cycle starts on time or a day or two late. I need the extra days to get back!

Just when I finally feel that we are making progress, something else happens to cause me to pause and possibly back up or stop.

For now, I have a TENTATIVE appointment on DAY 13 of my cycle (if it starts when I am predicting). 

Is it odd that I am asking for prayers for my period to START? Or be late?


Terri said...

Well if thats what we're praying for today then so be it. Molly - you and Jason are total troopers and I would hire you to accomplish any mission....I should write a recommendation for you on linkedin... prayers coming from your Ward family in the Bay Area...

Johnson Family said...

Congrats on having perky boobs! Where do I get myself some dense boob tissue? :-)