Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Happy Christmas almost New Year.... Haylee

I hope every one's Christmas was nothing short of amazing & Santa brought you everything you wanted! 

I am unable to put into words what a great time it was spending Christmas with my family NashVegas style.  It really took away any thought of the "stuff" we are going through.  We were just able to be normal and enjoy.

Love HH with my girls!!!!
As we enjoyed the NashVegas Christmas we also began to see how easy we have it right now.  By that I mean, at any given time we can run to Target or the grocery store.  We can go to Happy Hour with friends (proof in the attached picture what may happen) HA!  We can jet off to Mexico.  We can cruise up to the mountains and don't have to do anything.  Ok, well, yes- we have to find someone to watch our furry kids (or take them with).  But come on, how hard it that?  They need a little loving, some treats, a walk & play time- heck even just a short walk and a treat they love you- breakfast & dinner.

But again I say you can leave at any time.  You can leave for hours and your furry kids will be still waiting for you.  Can you imagine doing this with your human child?  Heck to the no. 

One of my students who recently had a baby (whom I love dearly) said to me the other day "she is incredible, I never knew love like this, but it is freaking hard".  I love her for being so honest.  I personally cannot image how hard it may be, but I have seen many of my friends go through it.  That's all I have and seeing it and hearing it, I get it. 

We do want a child more than anything.  However, this journey though hard, has made us realize to look on the bright side until we are blessed with one or more! 

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Janie said...


I am so proud of you!! Very few people are able to be truly grateful in the face of adversity.

Much love!