Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sushi Date…. Haylee

T&H Sasa!
So tonight MAY be my last night for sushi (I will be checking with my nurses tomorrow to see if I have the 2 week “open window”). 

Sushi Sasa, how I love the, let me count the ways…  ok I will stop, you get it.  BEST Sushi in Denver hands down. 

My friend Tarra and I were able to have a girls night out at Sasa tonight.  Tarra and I have been friends since elementary school (I refuse to insert a pic she gave me tonight from the 4th grade). 
She is such an amazing person, woman.  It was nice to just chill and unwind after a long day. 

My stomach and ovaries hurt worse,  feels like they may completely burst at any moment (yes, whole stomach now and not from over eating, from the shot and the “ovulation party” that’s going on in my girly parts).  However, the coolest part is what I am focusing on now- the laughter pains in my side bodies:
It started early this morning- funnies from Kona, to the recharge (thank you Alicia, Kirkalish, LL, Lisa & Heather), to work (thank you Kit),  to dinner tonight with Tarra, to when I got home and talked to my husband, to the late night talk with Molly catching up on the days events, to the comments and texts I have received.  The laughter truly always wins and takes the pain away. 

I will carry this laughter, this love & support with me tomorrow & also be hoping for the best.  I am not going to lie, I’m scared.  I am also trying not to get too hopeful, but I can’t help but put that smile on and hope.  I owe that smile to my husband, to my family, friends and the followers we have enjoyed getting to know through this blog.

The support and love that both Molly and I have received since launching this blog has just been, well there are no words besides THANK YOU. 

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