Wednesday, December 7, 2011

STOP, trigger time....ohohoh,ohohoh- Haylee

Nurse Joe pulling the shot out
11:30 pm last night nurse Joe gave me my trigger shot.  This is the 5th trigger shot so far.  Two given at our old house, one given in Joe's conference room at work (yep, I said my husband’s conference room- sometimes you have to act NOW on this stuff), one time given by Molly at our new house (during a UFC party Joe & I were hosting- yep that's right) & last night in the comfort of our bathroom.

As of this morning my belly is a little swollen with some tenderness at the injection site and my ovaries feel like they are going explode.  Yes, explode (it worked)!  

I will write more later tonight, just thought I would update you all really quick.  As always, thank you all for your support, it has been truly amazing. 


Joe said...

Haylee was a trooper as always! This is where I give her a public apology since I administered this shot "MUCH slower then any other time.....GODDAMMIT JOE!" HAHA, I love you my girl, and sorry for being slow...

Jimmy and Alison said...

Hang in there !!!!