Monday, December 5, 2011

And then there were 3.....Follicles- Haylee

Good appointment at CCRM this morning.  I have 3 follicles left, measuring in at 19.7 (WOWZA), 15.4 & 15.  Lisa (my nurse), Carrie (the best ultrasound nurse on the planet- I am kind of obsessed with her) & Dr. M decided to give my body one more day to get the two 15’s to a hopeful 16. 

I have my trigger shot chilling in the refrigerator ready to go for Tuesday night at 11:30pm. 

Trigger shot!

IUI is now scheduled for Thursday morning.  Joe will go in 2 hours before the procedure is done to “drop off” his super swimmers to have them cleaned and checked.  Who knows, maybe this will be his last time in the “porn room”. 

I was put on more strict exercise restrictions for this round of IUI though.  Starting Thursday no yoga & minimal teaching for 2 weeks, F.  I can take light walks, light cycling and swimming.  Hmmm.  It's 10 degrees out right now, you won’t catch me doing any of these activities until Mother Nature gets her shit together and brings some heat back to Denver. 

I considered making a list of all the restrictions while going through fertility treatments, but I quickly got pissy and decided to not put myself or you through it.  However, this question did cross my mind while contemplating the list…..Do you think an ingredient in Crack is Clomid or Letrozole or perhaps a dash of Menopur?  Maybe that is why the crack heads get pregnant so easily?  HA!

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