Monday, December 26, 2011

Boobie Update - Molly

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope everyone had a fun-filled, family-lovin' holiday. My husband and I have been enjoying our little vacay together. Thought I should update everyone on my post-mammogram results.

Tuesday 12/20: Mammogram 

Wednesday 12/21 3pm: Phone call from my IVF nurse at CCRM. "We have your results from your mammogram. Looks like everything is normal, but there is a note attached to your file that an MRI would be good to get."
Me: "Why do I need an MRI if my results are normal?"
Nurse: "Well, we are not sure. You need to call your primary care specialist and see how she wants to move forward."
Me: "Ok. I will be in touch."

The first thing I do is call my mother. Being a breast cancer survivor and familiar with all the tests, I ask her why would one get an MRI.

Me: "Well, I got my mammogram results today."
Mom: "And...."
Me: "They want me to get an MRI. Mammogram looks normal but they have suggested an MRI as well. What does that mean?"
Mom: "Well, usually an MRI gives you a more detailed view. They need more information it seems." 
Me: (starting to get a little nervous) "Well, I am putting a call into my doctor, I guess I will just let you know what I hear."
Mom: "Ask all the questions you can. You shouldn't need an MRI if your mammogram is normal, so demand to know what is going on. This is the last thing you need."

At this point my mind is racing. I am starting to get a bit overwhelmed. I am just so curious why I need an MRI and if I do, how far back does it put the whole process. Crap, I already feel that I have months ahead of me before we can even do an egg retrieval.

Long story short....

I call my primary care, she digs around and figures out what is going on. Basically it comes down to this.....

I have dense boobie tissue.

 AKA- Perky Boobies (I was a bit surprised at that myself).

 An MRI will give us better results so that we can move forward in the IVF process. So I have an MRI scheduled before our trip to the Islands. 

Bad News - I have to do an MRI

Good News - I can start meds for IVF. If and only if the MRI gives us a bad result will we have to stop the process, otherwise, all systems go. 

IVF here we come.

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Anonymous said...

Try not to worry, I think it's not unusual for them to double check a mammogram. I had a mammogram and they said the same thing about "dense boobie tissue" (maybe not those exact words) so they followed up with an ultrasound just to be safe. MRI will give you even better results so you can just move forward without doubt. :)