Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm like a dog in heat - Molly

You can finish the song if you like. Then take a moment and laugh. But if you keep reading, it gets better.

Today, is DAY ONE. Ugh. I hate DAY ONE. I had a sliver of hope that my period wouldn't come. I was looking for all the signs.
  • Cravings- usually sugar, but an occasional Taco Bell craving hits, but there was none (until today).
  • Zits - none. No complaints here.
  • Fatigue - not really. I got in bed at reasonable hours this week.
  • Swollen boobs - yes, but that's a tricky one. They can signal pregnancy.
  • Loose stool - yes, but I did eat Mexican this week.
  • Weight Gain - not sure. My scale is broken. :)
So it looked like I might have been, or I could have been. I guess though, I just hoped I was.

Well, I'm not. Today is DAY ONE. So I called CCRM to set up my appointments. Tomorrow I go in for a blood draw.
  • AMH - egg quality and numbers
  • FSH, LH E2 -follicle stimulating hormone level, luteinizing hormone (LH triggers ovulation), E2 will see if my egg reserve is diminshing.
  • TSH, Free T4, CBC - thyroid level, testing for a protein in my blood (thyroid function), complete blood count.
While I am there tomorrow, I will schedule my (most will be in the same appt):
  • Baseline Ultrasound - count follicles, take a look at my lining, look for possible Endo
  • IVF consult with a nurse - to schedule and plan drugs and review blood results to see if any other appointments, procedures need to happen.
  • Annual exam, PAP - why make another appointment with my OB.
  • Hysteroscopy - make sure everything is open and clear (tubes etc)
  • Trial Transfer - a trial run of my uterus. They are going to map out every turn, hill and curve, so that on IVF day, they know my uterus like a race car driver knows his course.
  • Semen Analysis - this is for Jason. Even though he has proven to be STELLAR - they want another test to see if anything has changed since he did it 18 months ago.
If you are still waiting for this to get interesting, let me add one more thing. 

Remember I said I'm like a dog in heat....

Well, so is Penny.
Poor Penny. I know how you feel. But I bet she could get pregnant.
That's right. I'm cycling with my dog. AGAIN.


Liz said...

Haha! Your cycling with your dog! That too funny. None of the fertility stuff is funny though. Good luck with all the appointments. Hugs to you friend, and our prayers continue!

Terri said...

you have SO much more fortitude - I'm tired of it all just reading this.

I'm writing a letter to the TOP people who grant pregnancy.

bless you both teams - cause I couldn't do what you are doing for that special end goal