Friday, December 2, 2011

“Warning this blog entry contains graphic details not suited for young"- Haylee

Time to get to know my uterus even better… um, and my vagina, it’s had a lot of “action” today, and I am not talkin’ about that FUN action!  

Today I had a follicle check at CCRM at 9:30am and my annual with the lovely Dr. D’Ambrosia at 2:30p.  Dear Lord I know those stirrups way too well (stirrups, really?  I am yet to think of a better name, but stirrups??? I digress). 

It was very good news at CCRM.  Carrie did the ultrasound and I have developed 6, yes, lucky number 6 follicles.  4 on the right side and 2 on the left.  Looks like the new medication really did its job (we are used to seeing 2-3 healthy large follicles measuring from 16-18).  The follicle measurements came in at 14, 12, 12, 10, 6 & 6.  The smaller ones are on the left side and more than likely will be shed.  They are really happy about the 14 & two 12’s on the right side.  This time they brought me in about 3 days earlier than normal, so this means the big ones will only get bigger.  Lining looks good as well.  I will go back Monday morning for another ultrasound to see how they look and more than likely take my trigger shot for ovulation Monday night with the IUI taking place on Wednesday.  This is all really good news, but I am trying to stay on the rational side of everything.  We have had good follicle news in the past, this visit being the best yet.  So, I am trying to stay away from the “what if’s” & go with the right now over a nice glass of vino.   Maybe this is one step closer to my last glass for awhile, who knows?!

My appointment with Dr. D’Ambrosia was, well, you ladies know how the annual appointment goes.  It was more fun catching up with her and talking to her.  She is the most amazing OB-GYN.  Not to mention she was the top OB-GYN in Denver for over 3 years running.  If you need someone who rocks the house, she is your girl.  Her knowledge and bedside manner are impeccable.  She was sweet in saying “since I can’t help you in the other areas of your life I at least can send you away with a big bag of prescription prenatal vitamins”.  I love her.  Though I have a prenatal I have been taking (approved by Dr. M & Dr. D’A) it is always nice to have the ones they charge so much for that are prescribed for free.  I am not sure if she is taking new patients, but check if you need one (her info and link posted on my blog side). 

Times this by 3, Dr. D'A totally hooked me up!

If you ever need more clarification of what is going on or you have questions, please send us an email.  We like to keep things simple and light.  We like to laugh through both the good and the bad.  So, questions are always welcomed.

Stay tuned, it can only get more interesting from here!  It’s like a roller coaster ride.  You never know what is going to happen at each turn…. Isn’t that the great, scary and wonderful thing about this thing we call life?? 


Traci said...

This is officially the first time I've ever cheered for follicles AND have been excited to hear about a uterus and vagina :) Way to go girlie parts! Keep it up! xoxo

STILL not pregnant said...

Can't wait to see you Haci. Love you!