Thursday, December 8, 2011

Everybody was Kung Foo Fighting….those sperm were fast as lightning- Haylee

The procedure went really well today. 

We picked up Joe’s clean boys, got his counts (29 million soldiers ready to battle), signed a bunch of paperwork, showed our id’s to confirm those were his swimmers and not Jethro’s from down on Colfax and then on to the procedure room.  It was there that the nurse pulled out some more paperwork; this was something that hadn't happened the two times before.  It was a release form we had to sign basically saying if all the follicles take I can’t come back to CCRM and say we didn’t know that was a possibility & try to sue them.  The other day I blogged about the 3 out of the 6 follicles that were strong, well I did have a fourth one that measured 14.  Though smaller than they like, they have seen 14’s get fertilized.  So I really have 4 follicles, holy shit.  The most we have ever had is 2!  Husband, brace yoself…..

It is currently a full on party in my girly parts.  Some sharp pains followed by dull pain, dizziness & exploding ovary feelings throughout my stomach.  Joe and I joke that it is like a ninja battle in there, 29 million soldiers charging and getting their heads severed with Samurai swords as my cold blooded killer ladies defend their egg to the death!…. or maybe my ladies are taunting them floating around singing “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard”… Really though, our hope is that they doing what they are supposed to do & playing nice together, running at each other through a sunny meadow in slow-motion maybe?

I also hope these pains are gone by tomorrow.  I might post a pic or 2 later tonight. 

Word to your mother. 

This is how we make a baby, jealous yet?  HA!

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emily said...

i love reading this! thank you for the updates -- so funny!