Saturday, December 10, 2011

AHHHHH-cupuncture - Molly

Since March, I have been going to acupuncture. I have been seeing a fertility specialist in downtown Denver. Ironically, we met at my yoga class. Jeff had been coming to my class every week since the new year. He had treated some other instructors, and after putting one and one together, we realized that we knew some people in common. Jeff had heard a little about "my story" and approached me after class one day. Not being a shy person at all, I told him just about everything. From then on, Jeff has treated me with the full intent, that one day, I will be a mother.

Jeff treats me depending on "what day it is" in my cycle. From there he decides if I need more blood flow to my uterus, need to thicken my lining, prep my ovaries or even cleanse my body through my kidneys and liver. There are some days I barely feel the needles, and then there are some days that I can't lift my arm or even cough without feeling the "zingers". I have recently started taking some herbs. I also include nightly foot baths (to help with circulation) and femoral massages (to help increase blood flow). It is a fascinating medicine.

Jeff will be by my side during the process of IVF. Over 90% of his patients are fertility cases and most of those are in the IVF process. If IVF works, then I will still continue to see him throughout my pregnancy (fingers crossed). 

I love my sessions. It is like a mini massage, a 30-45 minute power nap. I look forward to the heat on my feet and my quiet room. If you have never tried acupuncture before, I highly recommend it. If you live in Denver, I recommend Jeff. He is caring, careful and compassionate. He is thoughtful and selfless. He truly wants to see every woman, who desires, to be a mother.

Please forgive the pics below, I had taught 2 classes and taken a class, so I am a little gross ;)

PS Ladies: Jeff is single and looking!

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heathersokeeffe said...

This is really neat- I enjoyed looking at his website...never would have thought!