Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Every day feels like Easter

This was the best Easter yet. 

We blessed the babies on Easter Sunday.

Annie wore a dress that my little sister wore. It is almost 30 years old. 
Bo wore a sweet knit suit that we found and that one day we will pass on.
They were wrapped in the blankets knitted by an old neighbor who was unable to have kids of her own.

Everything was perfect.

Jason did a wonderful job blessing them.
Bo cried.
Annie was an angel.

The Spirit was strong.

As I sat and reflected I began to realize that the last year has felt like Easter to me.

The past year an extreme sacrifice was made, for me and for my family.
This sacrifice brought me back to life.
Gave me new meaning.
Allowed me to live my greatest dream.

This gift so selflessly given to us by Rob, Ashley and their family truly matches the pure love that our Heavenly Father and Savior have for us.

And now, we have our whole eternity in front of us.
We will be together forever because of this ONE act of service.

Sunday may have been Easter, but I have been celebrating Easter for the past year.

And I will continue to celebrate this Easter for a long time.

And now it is up to me, to teach Bo and Annie about this pure love.

The love not only their aunt and uncle have for them, but the love that their Savior and Heavenly Father have for them. 

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Emily Baiamonte said...

I love this. Cute babies, impactful comparison of sacrifice. You're right.. I have to think that Ashley must get a free pass to heaven! 👍😊