Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It Is Worth It

Well, we have survived the first week! 
Only about 932 or so more to go. 

Their personalities are really starting to bloom.

Bo is chill.
My niece calls him Mr. Chill.
Nothing really gets to him unless it's a wet diaper or it's time to eat.

He lays around like a log most of the time just happy to be held.
He is starting to fill out and his bulldog cheeks are reminiscent of Jason's.

He is a good eater, but not so much a good burper - he falls asleep most of the time.
He will not stand for a wet diaper, so we are grateful for the blue line indicator.

He loves his bath.
He loves music.
He loves to be rubbed, touched, tickled.
My mother (his Nonna) has been spoiling him.

He looks handsome in blue.
And his hair is lightening up.
His skin tone is much more comparable to Jason's.
He's already peed on his Daddy twice (or maybe more).

Nicknames have been Mr. Bo, Little Bo, Mr. B, BoBo (not my fav), the Prince and sweet boy.

He is a sweet boy. 
I see him growing up to be extremely gentle and in tune to other people's feelings.
I see him being thoughtful and purposeful in the things he does.
I see him being tender and letting his little sister have whatever she wants.

Our sweet Annie.
Miss Pill, as my niece proclaimed.
She will tell you when she is unhappy.
She is very vocal and very binky driven.

She is so tiny.
Her face and features are so much more feminine and soft.
She is incredibly expressive and has us laughing with the faces she can make.

Her appetite is growing everyday and she has become a champion burper.
She is not as fond of her baths, but not because of the water, she hates getting undressed (I think she gets cold fast).

She is delicate.
And the noises she makes when eating are hilarious.
I am grateful I am NOT breastfeeding her because she knows how to tear up a nipple - like a ravenous dog, her Nonna says.  

She needs a bit more time to eat and burp.
She loves to pee while you change her diaper. 
(Resulting in a lot of diapers.)

Pink is her signature color.
Her skin tone is much more like mine.
Her hands resemble mine.
She doesn't mind bows in her hair -yet.
(Let's hope that continues.)

She also loves to be touched, rubbed and sung too.
She is very alert and spends more time awake than her brother.

Annie will be a tough girl.
She is be a fighter.
She will always want her voice to be heard.

She is inquisitive and observant.
She will be independent and have the ability to stand up for herself and others.

She will not fear the opinions of others.
She will definitely wrap her Daddy around her finger.
She knows how to steal hearts.

Nicknames are Sweet Annie, Pip (short for Pipsqueak), Pige (short of pigeon), the Princess, sweet girl and Little Ann.

My cup runneth over.

It is everything everyone said it would be and more.

It is hard.

It requires immense teamwork.
Quick thinking.
Ability to multi-task.

You really do give up yourself.

But oh man, is it worth it.

Every tear, heartbreak, struggle, hurt, pain, day, month, year.....

It was all worth it.

It IS all worth it.


Wesley Ellis said...

It's Wes. Very cute!

Tracy Drury said...

Congrat's!! I've been following your story since I read about it on Vizsla International. I'm so happy for you and Jason. I'm sure your V will love them as well and protect them. They are beautiful.