Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Ashley Ann Reynolds
We are going to call her Annie, our sweet Annie.

Born January 29th, at 7:39am
 Shortly after her brother (within the same minute)
6lbs 6oz
19" long

Bo Smith Reynolds
But we like to call him Mr. Bo.

Slightly older (by seconds) and much larger.
6lbs 15 oz
19.5" long

Sorry for the gruesome photos but this was our first look. 

We probably looked like deer in headlights to the hospital staff, but we were lucky to be in the OR and snap these photos.

We are parents.
Real life parents.
To actual human children.

And they are perfect.

We are all just mesmerized by the experience.

Ashley was a hero all the way.
She is recovering well.

And the cousins are thrilled.
They are a big help with the babes.
They love to hold them and feed them, but not too keen on any diaper changes.

Grandparents are already in action.
Everyone can't believe how much Bo resembles the Reynolds side of the family and how Annie resembles more of my side (Smith).

Their hair is everything I hoped of and dreamed of. Dark, thick (Annie more than Bo) and crazy Asian (Bo more than Annie).

There were so many emotions that day.
I didn't bawl my eyes out like I had expected.
I think I was all cried out.
All I could feel was joy.

They were here, healthy and strong.
Straight from Heaven and into our arms.

What a miracle.
Two miracles.

There was one moment that was the most tender of all.
One moment I had dreamed of and was hoping to capture.

These will be printed and will hang in the nursery.
I always want the babes to know that they were made by love, carried with love and given to us in love.

Thank you Ashley and Rob for making us a family.

Again, you can catch with us on the day by day on Instagram - mollyo11.

I will try to update soon.

But for now, I just want to hold them. 
I want to smell them.
I want to look at every feature and see the mini versions of ourselves.
I want to soak in all these feelings and enjoy every moment.
Even the not so fun ones.

They will disappear so fast. 
This phase will end and we will be into the next.

I look forward to each and every moment.
I can't wait to evolve. 

I feel myself slowly becoming a mother.
This feels more and more real with each passing day.

I am a mom.

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