Monday, January 25, 2016

Because You Asked.....

Again, I apologize for not keeping the blog up as much as I originally hoped. If you want information a bit quicker, you can follow me on Instagram at mollyo11 - pics, info will go there first. I hope to update the blog as soon as I have a free hand.

Over the past few weeks my inbox has filled up with some questions, concerns etc. So I am going to use this blog post to answer them.

This is not your normal pregnancy. There are SO many unknowns. You will know as soon as I know and there are so many things I will not know until the moment I need to.

But because you asked......

1) Breastfeeding? 
I will not breastfeed. Yes, I know I could if I wanted. And as much as I appreciate everyone encouraging me, offering their services to me - I WILL NOT BE BREASTFEEDING. This was an easy decision to make. Once I knew I would not be carrying, I resigned to the fact that I will not have this experience.
Over the past 5 years I have put so many different things into my body. Natural, unnatural. I have NO desire to put any more in it. If I was having ONE baby, maybe I would consider it. MAYBE. But with TWO babies, NO. I will not breastfeed. Ashley is willing to pump while we are here and we will just do our best to give them the best for as long as we can. I also have been very blessed to have had SO many wonderful women donate their extra supply to me. I hope to use it. All of it. But most likely my babies will be formula fed.

2) Co-Sleeping? 
No. Again, not with TWO babies. Will they sleep in my room? MAYBE. But in a pack and play, rock and play, Mamaroo or the DockATot. Not in OUR BED. One reason? It scares me. Another? Our bed is Penny's bed. She needs HER space too.

3) Reusable diapers?
No. The cost is not substantial enough to be worth the effort. I don't want to do ANYMORE laundry. 

4) Fly or Drive?
Our original plan was to drive home with the babies after a few weeks, but after the drive earlier this month took us almost 3 days (and that was minus babies), we are toying with having my mother flying the babies back with me while he drives. Obviously, we have to see what the doctor says and how the babies health is. Is it ideal? No it's not. But this is not your average situation. Are there germs? Yes. I am having to learn to let go of some things and this is one of them. 

5) The birth. Vaginal? C-Section?
Here is THE PLAN. We will have a C-section on Friday, January 29th here is South Carolina at 730am. The boy is head down and the girl is still sideways. It was the best decision to just go ahead with a C-section so that the delivery can be swift and seamless. Jason and I hope to be in the room, but usually it is limited to ONE person and I want Ashley to have her husband by her side during surgery. I am happy to wait with Jason and have our babies brought to us, together. I don't feel that I will be missing out on something. Our experience will be different, it is different. I am going to look forward to the moments that we will have that others would not have.

All in all, I really appreciate all the kind thoughts, concerns, well wishes and advice. To be honest, I am a bit overwhelmed with it all because everything just depends......

There are so many unknown factors since I am not the one that is pregnant. We are not at home having these babies. So we just have to take things ONE STEP AT A TIME.

I have had a hard time relinquishing control. But I am slowly learning to LET GO and just see how things go. We need to see how healthy they are. We need to see if there will be NICU time or not. We need to do what is best for the babies. And for us.

Thank you for understanding. 


Emily S said...

I found your blog through a friend and first, congratulations!! I love this post because you are focused on what is important and not all the things people say you need to worry about. Way to go, just kiss on those babies and don't worry about the rest.:)

Katie said...

Planned C-section IS THE BEST!!!!!!

I LOVED my experience with Benny about a million times more than with Sam. Plus, just after my babies have been delievered Garrett was actaully the one who got meet them first. It was so awesome to let him have this first since so many of them were for me and the babies.

Doing it this way means that YOU and Jason will probably get to be the first to really meet them...which i think will be SO special.


If I get fired its your fault...

Melissa and Joseph said...

About flying with babies. I flew home with our adopted twins at one week old while my husband drove and it ended up working out just great. People were very considerate and my parents went up to the gate with me to help through security. Really wasn't a big deal :) I've been following your journey through the twin mom page and I'm so excited!