Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What's Next?

As I sat down to brunch with a fabulous group of girls, post 12 Days of Christmas WOD (crossfit), a friend said to me, "in a few months you will have everything you ever wanted - what next?"

It was a valid question. No disrespect. And it got me thinking.

This has been 7 years in the making.
7 plus years of ups, downs, progress, halts, ruts - a complete rollercoaster.

As I look back on it all - I wouldn't have it any other way.

It's hard to see the light when you are surrounded by the dark. 
But the light is always there.
Sometimes it just takes time to walk your way out of the tunnel.

I am still a little bit in disbelief.
It's still not completely real.

Every picture I see, every video I watch, makes it more real.
But until I hold them, touch them, see their lips, eyes - it's just this amazing dream.

Soon enough though.
So very soon.

I can't wait.

So back to her question - "what's next?"

I revel in it.
I enjoy every moment.

I slow down time and just be - a mom.

And then as the dream starts to settle into reality, we will begin our new life - as parents.
We will find our new normal.
We will let each day excite us.
And each milestone sweep us off our feet.

We will sleep less.
We will get frustrated and impatient.
We will wonder, I am sure, WHAT DID WE GET OURSELVES INTO?!
Or we will admit to ourselves, WE ACTUALLY PAID FOR THIS!?

But then we will see these small faces, tiny feet and hands and we will hold these little miracles in our arms, we will breathe a sigh of relief and thank our Heavenly Father (and Ashley) for answering every single prayer. 

In about a month, all of my dreams will be coming true.

So what's next?

Guess it's time to figure out some new dreams!

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