Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Tomorrow we celebrate 32 weeks! But I had to document 31!

Babies are doing great. 

According to Ashley, babies are active. The little boy (who is on bottom) is head down and likes to stretch. Little girl is more head up so we are hoping for a turn down soon.

The doctor sent Ashley to a maternal fetal specialist because the little girl had more fluid in her sac then wanted. There was talk about a possible amniocentesis to drain the extra fluid. The fear was that the fluid would build up and cause the sac to burst (water to break) and cause early labor.

There isn't a lot of risk in the procedure, but there is still risk.
We all agreed that whatever the specialist recommended, we would do.
Our goal is to keep the babies AND Ashley as safe as possible.

Leading up to today's appointment, I wasn't scared, but I was concerned.
So I took a play from Ashley's playbook and took it to the Lord.
Lots of prayer.

Today the specialist informed us that NO draining would be needed.
Babies looked GREAT!
Organs looked great!
And they continue to be VERY ACTIVE.

What an answer to prayer.
She's definitely got this.
If anyone can take this the distance - it's Ashley.

My hero.


Ashley also surprised us with new 4D images in sweet little ornaments for our tree.
Seeing these little faces made my heart burst!
Instantly I could see my family's resemblance in the little girl and Jason's in the little boy.
Jason thinks I am getting ahead of myself, but I really see it!

Just another reason why I knew Ashley was the best person for this job.
Her thoughtfulness, willingness and compassion continue to shine through brighter and brighter as the weeks go by.

I am continually humbled by her strength and faith.
She's a beautiful example of true love and service.


Little boy is weighing in at 4 pounds 11 ounces! YIKES!

Little girl is weighing in at 4 pounds 9 ounces.

My heart is SO full.

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