Tuesday, December 15, 2015

7 Years in the Making

Over 7 years ago my mother and I were planning out a nursery for our baby boy Jack.
Well, we didn't know he was a boy at the time, so we were thinking "gender neutral". 

On a trip home in Oregon we found adorable Eric Carle "Hungry Caterpillar" fabric that we both though was perfect.

So it was purchased and my mother got to work on the bedding.

A quilt, bumpers, pillow.....all handmade.

The bedding was finished but then sadly never got used.
And it has been in storage ever since.

my box of baby stuff - 7 years in the making

When we discovered this pregnancy was twins AND a BOY and GIRL, we debated using the same bedding.

We tried to find "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" to compliment the "Hungry Caterpillar", but it was no longer being made.

My sweet mother called around the whole country looking for any shop that had extra "Hungry Caterpillar" fabric so she could make a duplicate quilt.

It took some piecing together, but eventually she was able to find all the fabric.

Yesterday a big box was delivered and I was so excited to find all of our baby bedding and more!

 baby boy's receiving blankets (specialty by my mom) and a swaddle wrap

baby girl's receiving blankets and swaddle

new bedding to match original!

extra quilt for each baby - Dick and Jane and the cutest whale
 Quilts made by my mother are a special treat. I have a chest full of ones throughout the years. She is incredibly talented and they are gifts I will always treasure.

I know it was hard for my mom to make this extra set of bedding because there was some fear of what would happen if this pregnancy didn't work out.

My long journey and continued losses has been hard on her too. It's hard to know how to help or if things will even work out.
But it is because of the strength she raised me with that I was able to endure this trial.
And I am grateful for the past 7 years because it has improved our relationship. We are closer. Our bond is deeper. 

Seeing my mom (and dad) get excited for this pregnancy has meant the world to me. Being able to make them grandparents again warms my heart and I am so excited for the next chapters in our lives. 

This bedding signifies so much more than just bedding for a baby.

It's a sign of pure love.
A sign of hope.
It's a sign of faith, patience and the answer to prayers.

So thank you Mama, I can't wait to wrap tiny bodies in these blankets. 

We love you Nonna.

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