Thursday, October 29, 2015


24 weeks!
24 weeks!

HOLY COW we are 24 weeks!

This past week I have had a surge of confidence.
A washing over of faith.
A renewed belief that...


I am completely in awe of Ashley.
First, how good she looks.
Second, how she just embraces this experience, runs with it and maintains a positive attitude all at the same time.

Last,  I just appreciate this experience WE get to have together.
Our families.
The kids.
These babies.
The love....

I am so happy that she is completely supported by everyone around her.
A few ladies from church said it best, "We have just never seen such a gift of love."

It is truly a gift of...


I feel like my heart could burst at any second.
All the time.

Such love.

We got to visit our babies last week.

We crammed so much into a handful of days, but it was truly the BEST TRIP EVER.

Let me just tell you about ALL the fun we had.

First, we surprised my niece with killer seats to the Taylor Swift show.
It was so much fun watching her sing and dance.
 Absolutely worth every penny. 

We followed up the concert with some serious shopping!
Ashley let me spoil her a bit (which I love to do)!
And in return she bought the babies their going home outfits!

I am finally enjoying shopping for these babes!

Then we got to go to an ultrasound appointment!
Babies we not cooperating for any 3D viewing, but they were extremely active.

I was so nervous going to the appointment.
She is doing so well and I haven't been there, I felt that by going to the appointment I would jinx her.

My heart was pounding as the ultrasound started. 
I have become pretty savvy at reading ultrasounds (I have had a lot) and I know what to look for.

The flutter.

I was so afraid it wouldn't be there.

But once again, faith not fear.
Ashley's got this.

We spent the afternoon at the South Carolina State Fair.
An experience all on its own.
( I won't even tell you what we ate!)

We got to see my youngest nephew's soccer skills.

We hit up the local trampoline park (no pics because I was too busy jumping and peeing my pants)!

The pumpkin patch was next followed by a night of carving and caramel apple making!

The grand finale was seeing the kids perform in the Primary Program at church followed by a low country boil.

It was a busy few days....but so much fun.

T-shirts were a gift from the babies! To be worn on delivery day!

I love visiting with Jason's family.
I love spending time with my niece and nephews.

But every time we have visited, I always leave with a sadness deep in my heart.
An emptiness.
A longing.

For a family of my own.

For the crazy moments.
The hustle and bustle.
The rush and frustration (and sometimes fighting).

The hugs.
The kisses.
The memories.

The love. 

Rob and Ashley are amazing parents.
I watch them (probably more than they realize) in awe.
I have watched them over the years and they blow me away with their consistency to maintain boundaries and rules, their focus on obedience and manners, but yet the love and joy that is always in their home.

I crave this.
I have craved this ever since I became a part of this family.

And is finally happening.

From this amazing gift of love and sacrifice.......


A family of my own.



Tracy Drury said...

I started following your story from VI. I don't think I've cried and been happy for someone I've never meet so much. I'm so excited for you and your family. Your going to be a Mommy!!! Try not to worry and enjoy every minute of this time.

Christi Anne Towner said...

Wow, I love you! I'm in the moms of multiples group on Facebook, and I just all so grateful for your story. It really is a story of love! I'm so happy for you!