Sunday, September 20, 2015


I apologize for not writing more.

There have been some recent updates with our little muffins that I have debated sharing for a few reasons.

One, I am trying to keep myself from freaking out. I am really holding tight to my faith and trying to not let my fears get the best of me.

Second, out of respect for Ashley and all that she is already going through, I didn't want to add to the pressure.

Last, I just wasn't sure if I wanted to share. Shocking for me, I know, I share pretty much everything.

So here we go....

Around 17 weeks Ashley noticed some consistent bleeding.
After a trip to the doctor's office, she was diagnosed with Placenta Previa.

Basically, the placenta of our little boy is sitting very low (over the cervix) and so there is a constant little bleed happening.

I want to point out - that this is normal. Almost could be expected.


She is over 35.
It is her 4th pregnancy.
It is a twin pregnancy.
It was through IVF. 

So what happens now?

We wait.

We pray.

We hope that within this trimester our little boy moves around and shifts his placenta away from the cervix.

Can this pregnancy continue and be healthy even if it doesn't move?


Where the risk lies is within the 3rd trimester.
If it doesn't move, then we are most likely dealing with a C-section delivery.
No big deal (easy for me to say).
But we are also dealing with the chance that the babies could come earlier than we want or hope.

I have always known that with a twin pregnancy an earlier birth and time in the NICU coupld be pretty much expected, but I have hoped that we go the distance.
That Ashley's super powers take us 38 weeks plus. 
A swift vaginal delivery and everyone goes home quickly.

I am so grateful for Ashley's positive demeanor. Her faithful outlook.
Her strength.

I am also grateful for a diagnosis.
At least we know WHY she is have some bleeding.
At least we know that things CAN change.
And I am glad that we know now - early on vs. later in the pregnancy.

But it still tears me up.
It still brings back lots of emotions and memories of pregnancies past.
I hate that Ashley is having to deal with this and that I can't help in any way.
And I hope and pray that she knows how much I trust her and this process.
I know the Lord prepared her for this.
I know He has prepared us for this.

Whatever the outcome, it is part of His plan.  

So WHY did I decide to share?

Because all of you have been such an intricate and important part of this process as well.

Every prayer, hope and wish for these babies has been heard. 
And now we need them more than ever.

We need this baby boy to move around.
We need the bleeding to stop.

So if you have a little bit of extra time, say a small one for us,
and for Ashley.

18.5 weeks and rocking the twin bump.

I think she looks fabulous.

She's my hero.


D.Bell said...

Ashley looks fantastic! Placenta Previa is manageable and I'm a little surprised they didn't immediately schedule her for a c-section because of twins. I don't hear of many multiple vaginal births in these parts. Will be thinking of all of you and sending some "stay cozy and move your tush to the side you little stinker" vibes to baby boy. Love you!!!

RC Cola said...

When I was pregnant with Athen, at 12 weeks I started gushing blood. I mean all down my pant legs, it was like I was peeing blood. I was at YW at the temple at the time and I thought I was having my second miscarriage. I couldn't get a hold of Rick at work so I had my mom come and pick me up from Livermore and rush me to the ER in PA. Several hours later they told me they found the heart beat and realized it was placenta previa. There was lots of bleeding for several weeks but the placenta moved and all was okay. I know it can be stressful but as I read your story I have this comforting feeling that all will be alright. So to both of you, keep strong and just let Ashley your angel keep growing those little babies.

Lindy & Trever said...

Prayers for all of you, hang in there! Ashley looks great! Hugs!!'

Leigh Knotts said...

Saying a little prayer for you! My brother was a placenta previa baby! Did just fine! So will yours!

liltomnik said...

Prayers for both of you amazing woman and those little ones.

Alice said...

Molly I'm so happy for you. This is so exciting. A friend in my ward had her 4th a year ago and also had placenta previa...however it moved out of the way before birth and she was able to have a vaginal deliver. Here's to hoping and praying!

Indira Infertility said...

Best of luck!
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