Monday, August 24, 2015

Prepping for Parenthood

I got my first real dose of parenthood yesterday, last night and today.

They say a puppy is a great way to prepare you for parenthood.

1) You have to care for something besides yourself or spouse.
2) You have to plan your day/time away.
3) Potty-training
4) You learn to love something greater than you have ever loved.

Penny did that for us. And she definitely continues to do that for me.

If you ask, I will say that "Penny saved me". She did. She came into our lives over 5 years ago in between miscarriages. She gave me something/someone to take care of. I poured my heart and soul into her. And if you have met her and seen us together, you would see - she is my best friend, my companion, my girl - my heart.

Penny was an easy puppy. She is an easy dog. People always comment on her behavior and how calm she is. Well, she should be. I have been very blessed to devote a lot of time to training her, exercising her and giving her complete attention.

We all know that will change - to an extent. 

But last night, oh....last night, I got my first dose (tiny in comparison) of parenthood.

 Saturday evening we were invited over for s'mores and Penny was included. We brought some cow ears (a favorite treat) to share with the host's dog as well. The pups happily chewed on the ears, we happily gobbled down s'mores - it was a great night.

Sunday after church Penny was given another cow ear (not uncommon to eat back to back days) while we laid in the afternoon sun.

About an hour later - she threw it up.

Ok, again, not uncommon. She sometimes eats fast and doesn't "savor the moment" so it has happened before. I thought nothing of it.

Then she vomited again.
And again.
And again.

You get the picture.

I felt horrible!

Once the vomiting somewhat subsided we retreated inside the house to get ready for bed.
She attempted to drink some water and moments later, vomit.



I decided to sleep on the floor with her that night.

She woke up a few times to dry heave. I was right by her side.
I never really slept.
I just kept rubbing her back and belly and telling her it was ok.

We stayed there all night.
On the floor.

My poor girl.

Morning came and I had to go teach spin. Lucky Jason was home to keep an eye on her.

She tried to drink more water.


All over her bed, bedding, blankets, carpet. 

So guess how I am spending my Monday.

Cleaning carpets.
Running for Pedialyte and Pepto (yes, you can give a dog both).

Just keeping her comfortable and trying to make her poop and pee.


(this was Jason's reaction today)

Feel better my girl.



Lindy & Trever said...

Sweet girl! Hope she feels better soon.

Beth Fuller said...

Are you sure it isn't bloat??? It sounds like it. It's deadly if not treated! !