Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tear Soup - Molly

A dear friend was kind enough to send me a very sweet book. It was a book I wish I would have had during my first miscarriage. It would have been a great book to read to my second grade class. They had been very involved in my pregnancy, and when I lost Jack, I was out for about a month. After reading this book, I wish I could have read it to them. It is a book that explains grief, loss, coping with it, dealing with it, explaining it etc. It is a book geared towards kids, but it also speaks loudly to adults.
thank you julie

There are some parts of the book that I really took to. 

"...she knew how helpless her friends felt. They wanted to fix her, but they couldn't. All she really needed from them at that moment was a knowing look and a warm hug."

"Sometimes she yelled at God and asked why this happened. And sometimes she demanded to know where God was when she was feeling all along. Still, she trusted God, but didn't understand God."

"I've learned that grief, like a pot of soup, changes the longer it simmers and the more things you put into it....And most importantly, I've learned that there is something down deep within all of us ready to help us survive the things we think we can't survive."

At the end of the book, they have different tips for handling grief. Tips for adults, children, friends of someone going through the grief and of course, the person who is grieving.

Basically, it reminds us all the grief is a process. And there are parts of the process that require you to go through it alone, but there are part of the process that require good friends, your family, cards, flowers, cookie dough, chocolate...and of course, tears.

But in the will get over it. You will be happy again. You will wake up and the sun will shine. Your heart will hurt less. You will smile again. You will have faith in moving forward.

You just need time.
I just need time.

My grief isn't overwhelming any more. My grief isn't a pot full of tears. My grief isn't anger or frustration or even, sadness.

My grief now is in knowing that I will get through this. I will not shrink. I am surviving. And I will be okay.

My pot of tear soup...well, it's in the freezer.

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