Monday, March 25, 2013

She Prays for Me - Molly

Today I received a special note, just for me.

Jane is one special girl.

She is almost 4 years old.

Her and Jack would have been the best of friends.
(they were due a week apart)

And when I look at her or hear how she is doing, I am reminded, that's about where Jack would be right now.

It hurts sometimes thinking about Jack and how he would now be in Primary, going to preschool, riding a bike, playing in the snow and learning to be independent.

But when I look at Jane, I am also reminded that my little boy is doing the work of the Lord. 
He was chosen to stay behind and watch over us from above.

And that makes me happy.

Jane reminds her mother everyday to pray for me.

She never forgets.

And even though I don't get to spend as much time with Jane as I would like or maybe I should...

 I am so lucky that this sweet, little spirit prays for me.

I know her and Jack know each other...

and one day, they will meet again.

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