Thursday, February 14, 2013

L.O.V.E - Molly

When you don't have kids, pretty much any day can be Valentine's Day.

We can buy what we want, when we want.

There is no sitter to pin down.

No bed times to worry about.

No early mornings to get up for.

There's plenty of "together" time.

We can pick out any restaurant, at any time and just go.

We can sit and enjoy a meal, even order dessert because time is not really an issue.

We don't need an excuse to get out of the house - or out of your yoga pants.

When you don't have's always Valentine's Day.


Jason and I are not really Valentine's Day people. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE each other, but since we don't have kids...

We can do what we want, when we want, how we want.

Not too shabby.

So we didn't do the gift thing.
But I did go out and have this done...for him.

I had Grace framed.
This was our last (printed) ultrasound pic at 13 weeks.

Now Jack (left) and Grace (right) are with us everyday.
And we are a forever family.

So yes, there are some upsides to not having kids.
But today, I would have given not remember them.

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