Sunday, December 2, 2012

After 30 Days, Pull the Plug - Molly

It's the return of the red folder. The consent forms are back. All 62 pages of them.
Jason and I spent lunch time going over all of the consents.
If you remember from our previous blog post  Decision, Decisions, Decisions
you'll remember the crazy questions/situations that you have to decide pre-IVF.

Well, as we went through all the paperwork today we were thrown a curveball with some new papers that needed signing.

Do you have an advance directive? Have you filled out a form stating what should happen to you via the event that you won't ever wake up? Or if you are on life support?
Today, we had to decide what to do if I was in this position.

So we decided that after 30 days of artificial nourishment that if nothing else could be done,  then Jason will pull the plug.

(He originally said 2 weeks!)

So here it is, on the internet, for the whole world to see - hold him to it if this is what ends up going down.

30 days.

Our work-up is Thursday.

Like I said, "here we go again".


Liz said...

So much to say...

This post has me laughing. Jason wanted to pull the plug after 2 weeks! Ha! Glad you made him double it.

Oh, Molly! I'm so happy you're giving this one more try. We continue to pray for you. Grace said last week, "Please bless that Molly and Jason will have a baby that grows up to eat good food." We think about you guys all the time, and pray this works!!!

Thank you for updating this so often. I love keeping up with you.

And, I know that you'd give up all your travels for a baby, but girlfriend, enjoy NYC for the both of us!

Love you and miss you!!!

Alecia said...

Ha! I have been asked about an advanced directive multiple times (every time I go to the hospital). I just say I don't have one and they leave me alone. But I've told Joe he can pull the plug. :)

Devon T. said...

Two weeks, huh!?! Nice. I hope you punched him in the arm for that one :) Thinking of you tons! Please call/txt/email if you have questions, concerns, etc. regarding Lovenox. Once you get used to giving yourself the shot, they're really not too bad. Love ya!

Olivia Stipe Manke said...

I hate those forms too! Even though we volunteer for this, it doesn't make it any easier.