Friday, November 9, 2012

Grateful and Thankful Day 9 - Molly

Believe it or not, it is sort of difficult to nail down one thing to be grateful and thankful for each day.

I am aware that that sounds totally snobbish. Of course there are MANY things I am grateful and thankful for - each and everyday.

But it is difficult to put one thing up on a pedestal each and every day - without getting too trivial and/or corny.

I had a good day. Busy, but good. Lots of errands, lots of driving. But I cannot complain. I have a lifestyle that allows for me to accomplish a lot of things during the week, leaving my weekends completely open to whatever I (or we) want to do.

We enjoy that. Believe me, we do.

So today, Day 9, I am grateful and thankful for the time that I have been given.

I can sleep in.
I can choose when I want to workout.
I can do multiple workouts (if I want).
I can get groceries on a Tuesday at 11am.
I can go to Costco and have no lines.
I can lay on the couch and watch Grey's Anatomy reruns in the middle of the day in the middle of the week (this happens not as much as I would like).
I can clean the house at 10pm, knowing I could sleep in if I wanted too.
I can get a pedicure at a moment's notice.
I can take Penny for long, leisurely walks in the sunshine (everyday of the week).
I can make my own work hours.
I can take off with Jason whenever I/we want.
I can read a book in silence.
I can hit the snooze button over and over.

The list can go on...and on.

As much as I would love to have any one of my babies here on this earth with me, I am grateful and thankful for the time I have been given - for the time WE have been given.

Our marriage is stronger than ever. We have grown together, not a part. We have learned to truly work as a team, a unit and we have been able to discover not only a sheer devoted love for each other, but a deep friendship. We have seen many wonderful places in the world and we have created many memories that I will always cherish. We have been through hell and back - many times - and yet, we keep pressing forward, with faith - together, united as one.

A baby wouldn't have changed how Jason and I feel about each other...but it would have been different.
We would have been different.

And I love who we are - especially who we are together.

The rest will come.

And when it does - it will be spectacular.

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