Monday, November 12, 2012

Grateful and Thankful Day 12 - Molly

I received an email today from a distant friend.
She has been following the blog and reached to me regarding her own struggles.

She reminded me of something I said before I got married. 

She reminded me of my "bubble of hope". 

My bubble of hope was how I described the waiting that I endured before marrying Jason. I was 28, single (a Mormon let me remind you) and I felt that time was slowly slipping away. I felt that I would never get married, never have children, never have the life I had always envisioned for myself.

So I held on to my "bubble of hope".
And I started living my life as if Jason would never be a part of it.
I tried to build a life for myself that would and could be enough.

I guess I am still holding on to my "bubble of hope" now.

The difference now, is that I do have Jason. 
He is enough.
We are enough.
 This life could be enough.

Waiting for marriage or waiting for a family - the ache is the same.
The loneliness is the same.
The feeling of being left behind is the same.

And the survival method is the same.

You build a life for yourself that could be enough.
You surround yourself my people, work, service that would be enough.
You start living your life AS IF it is not going to happen.

Because it will happen. 
In this life or the next.
And everything can turn on a dime.
Things can change...
and when they do...
it can happen fast.

I know I will have children.
I know my wonderful, single friends will have eternal companions.

I wish I could give them their righteous desire now, on this earth.
And I know they wish they same for me.

But you cannot let go of your "bubble of hope". 
You have to hold on to it with soft hands and a warm heart.

 So today I am grateful and thankful for our "bubbles of hope".
We all have one (maybe more).

I also am grateful an thankful for the example of all of my amazing, single girlfriends.
Our battles may be different they are still difficult.

You are wonderful examples to me.
Examples of faith, strength, compassion and hope.

Don't give up.
Don't let go of your "bubble of hope".

And thank you to my distant friend for reminding me of my "bubble".


Liz said...

I cry every time I come to your blog. I'm just always so moved by your honesty and strength. I'm just so honored to be your friend.

Here's to the 'bubble of hope' that everyone has. I have an EC and babies, but I too have struggles and a 'bubble (or two) of hope' in my life.

Thanks for being such an amazing example, Molly O!

Our prayers for you and Jason continue!! Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding me to be grateful! Life can seem so mundane sometimes and a shot to the heart can bring a whole new perspective. Thank you for putting it all out there and sharing your journey with all of us. You touch my heart.