Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tag! You're It! - Molly

I keep another blog. It's more of our family blog. I have written it since we got engaged. I got the idea from my sister-in-law, and I am so grateful to have a written history of our years together. Wish blogs would have existed when I was in high school. They would be a very interesting read!

Anyways, one of my goals before having a baby (well, my goal before we would have had Grace) was to get our blog printed into books, one for each year. I have two printed, one just waiting to be printed and a few years still to do. It is a bit time intensive, but I actually really enjoy the process.

I stumbled upon a blog post from 2008. Remember when people would "tag" you? Ask a whole bunch of questions and you would answer and then "tag" other people to answer them as well?
My sister-in-law was the one who "tagged" me.

Check out my answers - interesting...

Three Fears....1. having difficulty getting pregnant or not being able to (thinking about it more lately) 2. being burned to death - trapped in a potter's kiln to be exact or trapped in my cabin as it burns to the ground (it could happen fast in this place) 3. losing my husband or children or my parents suddenly - aka - being alone Three Goals.... 1. lose 10 pounds (not muscle weight -fat!) 2. pay off debts 3. learn to sew (mom, I need your help with this one) Three Obsessions.... 1. Keeping my skin lotioned up - being in the pool so much, I get very dry - always! So I love to put on lotion and have someone put it on my back....ahhh! 2. smelling good - I LOVE smelly lotions, perfumes, etc. I love to smell good, have people tell me I smell good, be the smelling good teacher at school. 3. Washing the dishes - I like to wash as I cook, and since we DON'T have a dishwasher, I really like to keep on it. My husband ACTUALLY COMPLAINS that I can't let a dish sit in the sink longer than a few minutes. I really don't like looking at a sink full of dishes, it depresses me. Three Random Facts About Me.... 1. I am allergic to metal (no fake gold/silver for me!) I also have a reaction to the wax on floss (have to use Glide). 2. My middle name is simply O - not O. and it does not stand for anything. 3. I ONCE had a profile on LDS linkup and LDS singles - profiles lasted only about 1 week.

Read that first line again...

Three Fears....1. having difficulty getting pregnant or not being able to (thinking about it more lately)

This was written on Monday, July 28, 2008, we were in the "not trying, but not NOT trying" aka there was no goalie.

We would later get pregnant with Jack while celebrating the New Year in Paris. 

I almost feel that I stumbled on this post to remind me that maybe I knew what my trials would be. Maybe to prepare me or let me know that I would (we would) be able to handle it - all of it.

It is no longer a fear of mine. 
It is my reality.
(Well, it was nice to read that I have accomplished (finally) my first goal - 10 pounds of fat - gone. AND I still hate to have dirty dishes around. I never go to sleep with anything in the sink.)

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