Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On A Side Note - Molly

ding dong, I am dead....
An update from my post whole30...

That is a Ding Dong cake made by my fabulous friend Katie.  She brought it to me on Sunday night to help me celebrate my whole30. Two inches of chocolate cake, covered in ganache, layered with vanilla creme, covered again with ganache, again more chocolate cake and frosted with chocolate frosting. Are you drooling yet? I promptly stuck it in the freezer for Monday morning.

Miraculously, I only took a few bites on Monday. As amazing as it was, I was satisfied with two bites. But then Tuesday and Wednesday happened. It was like it was talking to me....."eat me"....."eat me".
Today I ate a slice. It was heaven. A giant frozen ding dong.


Cramping, gas and bloating has followed my splurge. Ugh. 

lemon heaven
On Tuesday night I went to D Bar. Yum. I stayed smart. I had bunless sliders, steered clear of the mac and cheese and had salad and sweet potato fries. I felt good. But then it was time for dessert. Lemon souffle, beignets and raspberry sorbet. Ummmm......heaven.

I wasn't stuffed, I didn't feel full....but I didn't feel good either. It probably didn't help that I practically drank a bowl of caramel sauce and also added a few cinnamon sugar donuts to the mix. :)

More gas, more bloating and this time, add some cramping and the feeling that I was "backed up". Ugh.

Revelation friends....revelation.

I can't eat like I used to.
I just don't want to anymore....I really don't.

I know I'm only a week out and I have got to cut myself a bit of slack, but I have got to stick to the plan. I have got to keep food prepped in the fridge and I have got to organize my "cheats". Otherwise, it's a cookie here, candy there etc. I need to be reigned in. I felt too good when I cut it all out.

It's just that dessert is tooooooooooo gooooooooooood.

Grains - don't miss them.
Dairy - eh, I can do without really.

But sugar, chocolate, dessert.......that makes the 3 workouts a day worth it.

I lost 9 pounds.....but if I am not careful, I will gain it back faster than I lost it.

Time to get back on track.

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