Sunday, September 9, 2012

You Are What You Eat - Molly

Ok, I guess I will post the results.

After yesterday's body fat test, both Jason and I were in a funk. Quite humbled actually, as we both feel that we are in pretty good shape.

But the computer does not lie.

The results are in and we were dumbfounded.

I have had my body fat tested 4 times in my life. First in high school with the pinch test, the results are unknown to me. Second time was in college, a hydrostatic test. I lifted weights almost 6 days a week for water polo, and was almost a good 20 pounds heavier than I am now. The result then was 18%. The third time was right after we got married (5 years ago). My days then consisted of a morning swim, afternoon water polo and gym time with an occasional run (if I was training for something). It was another pinch test and the result was about 14%.

Going into this hydrostatic test I was hoping to around that 18% and was maybe okay with swallowing around 20%. Knowing that I was coming off of a 4 month hiatus from my pregnancy, I wasn't expecting outstanding results, but I also wasn't expecting what I got.

Nor was Jason.

Our results only want to make us work harder and eat better.

So here you go.

Jason: 20.5%
Molly: 25.5%

Ouch. That hurts to even type.

To make it worse, Jason is described as average and I am described as UNHEALTHY. For my height and weight, that percentage places me as unhealthy.

I am in shock.
Jason was a bit thrown back as well.
We will be testing again after our whole30. 

We are a full week into our whole30 and I can already see a difference in Jason's physical appearance. My own appearance has changed as well. My skin looks healthier and clearer. I am no longer bloated and struggle with digestive issues. My workouts are more effective. My energy level is up. I sleep better and wake up easier. And we are only ONE week in.


I am looking forward to seeing what 3 more weeks will bring (hopefully a better percentage).

How's your whole30 going?


Olivia Stipe Manke said...

Consider it a jumping off point to a more healthier you! It's so easy to be hard on ourselves as women. We expect our bodies to do so much for us and when it doesn't work out the way we planned it can be very disheartening. You're doing great and I bet you'll have much better results the next time.

Katie said...

If that test says you are in an "unhealthy" range it is total crap.

The end.

You always look fantastic.