Thursday, September 27, 2012

So Worth It - Molly

We have the results from our weigh in and dunk test.

And we are REALLY HAPPY!

We have been doing this whole30 now for 27 days, we first tested on Sept. 7th, so our results show the last 20 days of effort.

I wish you could hear the drumroll.....

On September 7th, I weighed in at 150lbs flat.

My body fat was 25.5%.

Jason weighed in at 190lbs.

His body fat was 20.5%.

Today on September 27th, after only 20 days of whole 30 (still have 3 more days!),

I weighed in at 142lbs (total of 8 lost!).

My body fat went DOWN 5% to 20%.

Jason weighed in at 180lbs (10lbs in 20 days!).

His body fat DECREASED by 2% (now 18%).

So you ask, "Has it been worth it?"


We are so happy with the whole30. Not only because we lost those nagging pounds, but because we are healthier. We sleep better. Our skin is better. Our digestive systems are WAY better and we feel better. We have energy. We are hungry when we are hungry and not because chemicals are telling us to eat something. Our minds our clear.

Jason also did some health testing for his work and his BP is lower, his Triglycerides are lower, cholesterol is lower and more!

We will do a final weigh in Monday morning for complete results.

We love food.

We still love food.

But we love ourselves, our marriage, our future children (somehow we will have them, stay tuned) more.

30 days.

Whole Foods.

Change your eating.
Change your body.

Change your life!

***Disclaimer: We did work out on top of the change in eating. I attended Crossfit 5 days (sometimes more) a week on top of 3-5 yoga classes a week, plus 3 (or more) spin classes. Jason attended Crossfit 3 days (sometimes more) a week, an occasional yoga class when he could and multiple 5 mile runs. It's how we roll.

But start with the eating. Just start there and see where it can take you!! Remember, IT STARTS WITH FOOD!

what's your excuse now?


Olivia Stipe Manke said...

Wow! That's amazing! So glad to see how impressive your results were.

Olivia Stipe Manke said...

Wow! That's amazing! So glad to see how impressive your results were.

maddie said...

Congrats Lady! Sticking to the Whole30 for a month is not something that just happens - you have to choose every day to, as the Hartwig's would say, "change the food on your plate." Way to make those changes and thus reap the benefits of feeling (and being - duh :) awesome. Congratulations!