Friday, August 10, 2012

My Love - Molly

I just love this man.

 When you don't have kids or when you are not always in the environment of children, it can be difficult to be 100% patient. 

Jason may not always know how to deal with kids. 
Heck, who really ever does?

But when I see him just cut loose and have fun with his niece and nephews, it just melts my heart.
And I love him even more.

I know kids WILL be an adjustment for the BOTH of us. We have a pretty mellow lifestyle, just the two of us (and Penny). But one day, IF we are lucky enough to receive blessings like these, I know he (we) will be ready. 

and maybe they'd look like these cuties

One day. 

Our worlds will be rocked.
(in a good way!)

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Anonymous said...

Oh Molly your r such inspiration your attitude is amazing. I love reading your posts one minute u have me crying my eyes out the next minute smiling the hugest smile. Miss seeing u around.