Friday, August 3, 2012

A Girl's Best Friend - Molly

my faithful companion
This past week has been a little bit of an emotional roller coaster for Jason and I. When we got back from our little family vacation, we were informed that a very good friend's dog was not well. Our hearts just broke for our friends. It was touch and go for their sweet pooch for a few days, and I think it gave many of us (who are dog lovers) time to reflect on how much these 4 legged animals mean to us and add to our homes.

Jason and I were very emotional imagining the situation if it was Penny in the ICU. We discussed what we would do if we were only given a few days or even hours left with her. What would be on her "bucket list"? How would we give her every experience she absolutely deserved?
We talked about how far we would go to try to keep her here on this earth and even talked about what life would be like without her.

We found comfort in thinking that if anything every does happen to Penny that she won't be alone. She would be greeted in the next life by Jack, Grace and our other two little ones we don't know yet. She would know them, they would know her and they, in turn, would be waiting for us.

Penny has been such a blessing to our home. She has added so much love and so much joy. I know she isn't a "real baby", but she is the only baby I have on this earth. She has taught us love and patience. She has helped bring so many wonderful people into our lives that we would have never known if we didn't have her. She has taught us how to care for someone/thing more than ourselves and to consider the needs of others. She has better prepared us to be parents to a "real baby" and we are forever grateful for these lessons.

The night we lost Grace, it was just Penny and I in the house. I had a few hours of hard labor and Penny stayed close, trying to comfort me, nudging me and keeping me company. When the paramedics busted in, she tried to protect me. She barked and growled, but was too afraid to come upstairs where they were strapping me to the gurney. I refused to let the paramedics take me away until my neighbors came over to get Penny, she was my biggest concern, even with all the commotion. Sadly, when I returned home the next day, she wouldn't come near me. She would back away from me and bark and growl. She hid in her crate and wouldn't come out. She knew I smelled different. I stoo crying and that scared her. I don't know what broke my heart more, losing Grace or seeing Penny in so much distress. It took almost a full week for her to return to normal.

Now she is laying next to me and is scooting closer and closer for me to stop typing and to snuggle. I am just so grateful for this little red dog. My heart is so full because of her. Once again, she has helped heal me.

By the grace of God, my friend's dog is also making a slow recovery. The final outcome is still hazy, but she is home and with each day things get a little better, a little clearer. She is such a strong girl.

I know one day I will love someone greater than I love Penny. I know that my priorities will shift and our schedules will change.

But one thing will never change, no matter how many kids fill our house - Penny is our girl and we love her more than we could ever imagine possible.

She is truly my best friend.


Terri said...

I feel the same about my cats - they are the closest things I have known to my own family. They care in their way - and they let me behave like a mom would. They are creatures of God and we are showing God in the best way we can - what we will be like as parents to hooman children.

Dear Penny is your baby girl and she is showing you she is worthy of the best.

Yay for you both

Jimmy and Alison said...

Just beautiful !!!