Monday, July 30, 2012

Proud Parent(s) - Molly

Good Evening Friends, I once again apologize for the delay between postings. Jason, Penny and I have been on the road for "Family Vacation" and Wifi has been limited to our hotel stays. We are now on our way home, currently in Montana and will reach Denver tomorrow evening.

While on vacation, we have enjoyed watching the Olympics. Swimming, diving, gymnastics and of course water polo, are some of our favorites. My favorite Olympic moments are when they show the parents.

I have loved the commercials that focus on all the hard work the moms and dads have done to get their kid to the Olympics. I love the video footage of the families as they watch their child win or even just medal in the event or the montages of the years of hard work and sacrifice that the child (and the parent) have put in.

It tears me up every time.

I have known that feeling.

And it may sound weird or crazy, but when Penny was showing (yes, we competed in dog shows) I felt the anxiety, pressure, joy of winning and the sorrows of defeat.

I was literally sweating my pits out every time she was in the ring.

I was so proud.

Of my dog.

If I can have that many highs and lows watching my dog run around a ring and stack up as she gets examined, what must it be like for these parents watching their kids in a forum like the Olympics?!

her final show- the big finish! My Champion!

I have ALL of her ribbons

pretty P

sexy and she knows it!

probably my favorite pic of her stack

her gait is what she won on every time - perfection!

One day I hope to feel this sort of pride watching my own children succeed in any forum. It must be such an incredible feeling to see this person, this version of yourself, that you and your husband created, find and accomplish success. 

If I can be this proud of my dog, I think I might burst into a thousand pieces if I ever get to experience something like this with a child.

How incredible it must be.

Mind blowing.



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