Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lots of Dough - Molly

Before I begin tonight's post, let me first apologize for being gone the past week. My husband and I left Tuesday for a little getaway to SoCal for some sun, surf and can fill in the last S. I met with my perinatologist on Monday and was officially "cleared" for all activity post D and C. My husband had work in California, so I decided to go along.

I have prided myself on my honesty with all of you readers, but this may be pushing the line. If I have pushed you off the edge, I am sorry, but I have to be honest.

When we started the IVF process, the times my husband and I could "be together" were limited. Due to shots, scheduling and his travel schedule, life got busy and uncomfortable. Then after the transfer we were given a BIG RED NO. No activity until further notice. It started out with waiting until the first ultrasound, then there was the initial bleeding so that turned into after the first trimester. Then more bleeding followed so it turned into waiting to see if the bleeding would stop. Then we lost Grace and the D and C was scheduled, so it resulted in waiting until 2 weeks post D and C.

If you add it all up - we hadn't since, well you know, since late March. I know some of you are shocked and some of you probably didn't blink an eye. LATE MARCH, let me just say it again. We were due for some time alone.

Hence the little getaway. We had a great time. That's all I will say about that.

Back to the blog post.

People have been more than generous since learning about Grace. We have received so many letters, cards, emails, phone calls, text messages, gifts (flowers, wind chimes) and cookie dough. Human kindness amazes me once again.

When we returned home tonight I went next door to retrieve a package that was delivered earlier this week. This is what I found.

the boxes arrived a week ago, but the tubs we got today

My girlfriends know me too well. When we were single we learned that nothing solves a little bit of heartache like raw (not eggless) cookie dough.

I also received my bill from the hospital when I lost Grace. It included not only the ambulance ride, but the night's stay.

what we would have paid - without insurance

what we actually owe

I am so grateful for Jason's job and for the wonderful insurance his company offers us. We have truly needed it and used it. I cannot imagine going through losing Grace and then getting the original bill for this. I might have completely lost it. All in all, we are doing better everyday.  


Anonymous said...

I am so happy and grateful for you that you have good insurance. When my Lauren was stillborn I had to go thru induction and because my body wasnt ready being only 34 weeks it took a while. I was in the hospital for 4 days total. Our responsbility was $10,000. And you are right... paying that off for the next 22 months was a constant blow. Add the cost of burying her ($2700-ish) and it almost was unbearable. But, without her dying I wouldnt be pregnant with this little boy now that I am obsessed with. I wouldnt change a thing if it meant not getting this chance again. I hope your doing and feeling well. Love from Las Vegas.

-Meagan Jensen

Jimmy and Alison said...

When we lost baby 1 there was a connection like no other to my husband, I know the feeling of putting you know on hold till its all clear. When we knew it was a green light it released a flood of emotions in me. I just wanted to be close to him. We had a trip planned to jersey to see U2 the week WE lost it. It was good to be away from our surroundings. I get it, you deserve the time to be close to him again. You and your hubby need that so much right now.

Olivia Stipe Manke said...

So glad you guys were able to get away for a short time! Having been in your shoes twice before (at least the IVF part) I completely understand what you meant about needing that "together" time.