Monday, June 4, 2012

Graduation Day - Molly

Today was my "graduation" day. I went into CCRM for my last round of blood to test my estrogen and progesterone levels. I have been off of my meds for 2 days (last weekend) and the hopes were that my placenta would be taking over.

Sad to report that while my estrogen is doing awesome and staying above stable, my progesterone dropped WAY TOO LOW. It's almost a scary low. The nurse actually told me to get up and place a suppository in while on the phone with her.

So, as nice as it would be to be "drug-free", I am going to continue on suppositories for the next 3 weeks (3 times a day) and the be re-evaluated.

Hopefully by 15-16 weeks, my body kicks in and I can kick the suppositories.

Good news, I can be on suppositories the length of the pregnancy (if needed). I will admit, I was a bit worried about that.

Bad news, something is up with my body. Why it won't produce the necessary progesterone is sort of a mystery and therefore dashes my hopes of being a "normal" pregnant woman.

I am grateful for the close monitoring of my doctors/nurses. I am grateful that it has only been 2 days since I took my last drugs. I am grateful I am being turned over to my perinatologist with this new information because now I know I will be watched and cared for even more.

I am disappointed though. It makes me feel like something is wrong with me and that is hard to accept. So hopefully, all of this is enough to help sustain this pregnancy. It has been such a long road already and I would be heartbroken to turn back.

So now I am trying to figure out how to "naturally" boost my progesterone levels. I read one way is exercise - HA! I haven't even been cleared to go back to yoga yet. Now, who knows when that will happen.

So if anyone out there has a magical progesterone recipes, please let me know. Until then, if I could be bold enough to ask for a few more prayers, I would be eternally grateful.


Dan and Katie said...

I hope your levels go up! Prayers and positive thoughts your way!

Devon T. said...

The advantages of not being a "normal" pregnant woman. . .
1.) you get waaay more ultra-sounds, which means you get to see your little bat more frequently and say "hello"
2.) people take extra good care of you (you're special)
3.) once baby bat is born you can really lay the guilt on when needed, "look at everything I went through for you" (use sparingly, otherwise it's less effective, hehe)
4.) a 9 mo hall pass to pamper and spoil yourself, you need it way more than those other pregnant ladies (ok, so not entirely true, but worth a shot)
5.) the basket of peanut butter crackers at the perinatologist (if yours doesn't have this, I would suggest they get it)
6.) when you get to hold your little bat and squish their cheeks you'll know that the HOW they got there doesn't matter, it's that they are there <3 (somehow their smile makes you forget all the needles and nasty meds)

Hang in there sweetie, you're doing great!!! Love to you and baby bat.