Friday, May 25, 2012

Wow, just wow!!!!! -Haylee

Happy happy Friday!!  As promised an update on today's ultrasound & blood test! 

The ultrasound was very nerve wrecking, but ended up going really well.  We got to see the gestational sac, fetal pole & the heartbeat!  Wow, wow, wow- really crazy stuff.  I am officially 6 weeks and 3 days along & baby has a heart rate of 109. 

My blood work results will not be in until tomorrow morning.  It is MY hope they can take me off (or at least cut back) on the amount of progesterone I am taking each day.  I will also find out what Dr. M wants us to do next.  More than likely this will be another ultrasound in 1 to 2 weeks & more blood.  For now I wait.  You would think I would be really good at this "waiting game" by now, but not so much.

Our IVF nurse said that everything is measuring exactly where it should be, so this is very promising news.  It is becoming much more real now. However, I am still scared as it is early.  I don't like looking at my blood draw receipt and seeing, "Pregnancy- High Risk" circled.  I don't like that I am spotting and it is considered "normal".  However, I do like the possibilities of this miracle.  So I will continue to only let the don't likes enter very quickly and exit as quick.  Oh, and remind myself, "one step at a time". 

More information to come as I have it, hopefully first thing tomorrow.

I will leave you with the first picture ever of our little warrior!

Inside that tiny black blob circle-ish thing (gestational sac) the white dot is little warriors heart beat in bright white!


Jimmy and Alison said...

That's wonderful news !!!! Congrats

Kim Brady said...

I don't know how spotting can be considered normal, but I spotted with my daughter, and I was on progesterone for 10 weeks (I had two pervious MC). It was terrifying to be spotting, but now I am holding my little miracle in my arms:)