Monday, May 21, 2012

Good Eats and Updates - Molly

Went in for more blood work today. My estrogen and progesterone levels are starting to control themselves so once again, I got my meds lowered! I will now take my PIO shot EVERY OTHER day. No more suppositories and no more patches! YAY! I will repeat blood work on Thursday to make sure levels are stable. If they are, they will start taking my estrogen pills (Estrace) away from me one by one.

This means I am almost there. It makes me a little nervous, but the doctors have been so good about monitoring me that I am confident if any of my levels were to drop, they would know soon enough to get me stable again.

In other news, my relationship with food has become.......well, interesting. I want what I can't or shouldn't have. For example, I was at Costco today and all I wanted was a hot dog. Or tonight I would kill for some of my friend Caisa's cookie dough - she makes the best dough. Sandwiches (deli meat) sounds amazing and so does salami. Once and a while a sausage biscuit from McDonald's is on my mind.

Sigh. I could have bigger problems I know. Grateful for the small issues. I can deal with these.

I shudder the thought of drinking my fresh squeezed juice (apple, orange, mango, carrot and kale or some other concoction). My daily glass of coconut milk (I need the calcium) makes me want to hurl. I have to choke down my smoothies on the mornings I don't juice and nothing green and leafy even appeals to me.

It's all about comfort, homey goodness. Cheese, potatoes, pasta....oh my! I want grilled cheese (made with Velveeta), baked potatoes with cheese on top, cheese sticks, gnocchi, pasta salads, french fries, McDonald's hash browns, salt and vinegar chips - and yes, cookie dough.

So tonight I am spoiling myself. I am making EGGLESS COOKIE DOUGH. Thanks to a recipe from my good friend Candice, it is dough that you can only eat, not bake. Perfect.
bakes potato with cheese and bbq sauce - lunch!

I hope it is as good as it seems in my mind.


2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 cup unsalted butter, melted
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
1 T vanilla
4 T milk

Add chips, oats - anything you want.

Mix and enjoy!

going to roll into balls and chill!

What were your cravings or adversions???


Amanda said...

there is a cookie dough at whole foods that is eggless too. really yum. glad to hear you have food aversions!

Anonymous said...

Molly, I was exactly the same as you! seriously I used to eat very healthy before I was preggo, and then boom... i wanted mashed potatoes, ham and cheddar cheese everynight for dinner. Sadly, I still havent gotten back to my healthy habits, and costco hotdogs remain a favorite.

Devon T. said...

Major aversions to veggies. I had a huge beautiful garden growing my first 18 weeks filled with amazing veggies and every time I went out there, I wanted to puke. It was so sad.

I became a sugar fiend. Doughnuts were a big one and I would make trips to the specialty candy store and drop $20 - it was the only place I could find Zots! Fruit too - I think I ate my weight in nectarines and tangerines.

Didn't get a taste for veggies back until after the wee bug was born.

Katie said...

After barfing up an enormous neon green breakfast smoothie I cut WAY back on my fruit consumption.

The only things I could eat with regularity were crackers, string cheese, toast and scrambled eggs.

And I agree, I can't get a deli meat sandwich off my mind! I've been microwaving it until it's shriveled and hot but it's just not the same...

Anonymous said...

Yes! Veggies were super gross during pregnancy. Something about salty, terrible food that is SO wanted during pregnancy. I also ate a ton of citrus...I craved it like nothing else. Oh, and I couldn't even look at chicken. The thought made me vomit. My family went chickenless for 9 1/2 months!

Olivia Stipe Manke said...

So funny! I had a serious meat aversion both times. I could hardly cook it both times I was pregnant; it just made me so nauseous. The first time I had a serious craving for Quizno's Raspberry Lemonade -- it had to be that specific kind.

There's actually very little you can't eat. If you're craving those deli meat sandwiches and you want to be really safe about it, you can nuke the meat for a little bit and then have your sandwich.

Thanks for the cookie recipe! I can actually make this for my kiddos with food allergies.

Jen Christensen said...

Yum a hot dog does sound good. I also crave everything I shouldn't/can't have. The only three this time around are dr pepper, sushi and skittles. Weird.

Jen Christensen said...

ps You guys should put those due date tracker things so we know how far along you both are.